LIHTC (MTSP) Income Limits

Bellingham WA MSA - 2012

Median Family Income (MFI):


Regular vs HERA Special Income Limits:


Multifamily Tax Subsidy Project (MTSP) income limits are used to determine maximum household income limits for low income housing tax credit (LIHTC) Section 42 properties.

These income limits apply to both 9% competitive tax credit properties and to projects developed with 4% tax-exempt bonds. Maximum rents are derived from these income levels.

MTSP limits were introduced as part of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 (HERA). Under HERA, the income limits that are applicable for LIHTC developments vary based upon the date that the project or individual building was placed in service, as well as by location. Accordingly, tax credit practitioners should verify that they are using the appropriate income levels prior to using this data.

"HERA Special" limits apply only to "impacted" properties. All properties that are classified as "impacted" were placed in service prior to 2009.

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Household Size50% of AMI60% of AMIHERA Special: 50% of AMIHERA Special: 60% of AMI
1 person$23,750$28,500n/an/a
2 person$27,150$32,580n/an/a
3 person$30,550$36,660n/an/a
4 person$33,900$40,680n/an/a
5 person$36,650$43,980n/an/a
6 person$39,350$47,220n/an/a
7 person$42,050$50,460n/an/a
8 person$44,750$53,700n/an/a

Fair Market Rent (FMR)

Bellingham WA MSA - 2012

Fair Market Rent (FMR) is used primarily to determine the payment standard for Housing Choice Vouchers. FMRs are "gross rent" estimates (rents inclusive of utility costs), calculated annually based upon 40th percentile rents for "standard-quality" market-rate rental housing units.

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For information about Section 42 rent and income restrictions, click here for an introduction. To learn more about the specifics of calculating maximum LIHTC rents, click here for a more detailed explanation, including several examples.

Affordable housing becomes easier to understand once you have learned its lexicon. For a guide to common industry terminology, click here for our Affordable Housing - LIHTC glossary.

Westmont Advisors is proud to partner with LIHTC compliance experts TheoPRO to offer development compliance services and Section 42 training programs for LIHTC professionals, including property managers, developers, asset managers, syndicators and government agencies. Click here to learn more.

Section 8 Income Limits

Bellingham WA MSA - 2012

Household Size50% of AMIExtremely Low Income (ELI)80% of AMI
1 person$23,750$14,250$38,000
2 person$27,150$16,300$43,400
3 person$30,550$18,350$48,850
4 person$33,900$20,350$54,250
5 person$36,650$22,000$58,600
6 person$39,350$23,650$62,950
7 person$42,050$25,250$67,300
8 person$44,750$26,900$71,650

Section 236, Section 235, Section 221(d)(3) BMIR Income Limits

Bellingham WA MSA - 2012

Household SizeSection 236Section 235BMIR
1 person$38,000$45,100$45,100
2 person$43,400$51,550$51,550
3 person$48,850$58,000$58,000
4 person$54,250$64,400$64,400
5 person$58,600$69,600$69,600
6 person$62,950$74,750$74,750
7 person$67,300$79,900$79,900
8 person$71,650$85,050$85,050

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